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Every coach who’s made a start has assets: Business owners you’ve spoken to. Alliance partners you’ve met. Networking events you’ve been to. How effective you’ve been at monetising these activities will have you feeling either well-paid, or under-paid.

I’ve spent the last 8 years helping Business Coaches monetise their skills… that’s why I wrote the Optimisation Plan.

Coaches I’ve helped are in one of three places:

Start up: In the industry for less than 2 years; earning less than $5k a month

Step up: Been coaching for 2-4 years; stalled at 3-6 clients; earning $8k to $15k a month

Scale up: Don’t need more 1:1 Clients; looking for scale; $15k+ but looking for $30 a month

Which one are you?

That tells me what you need to find the next level…

There are opportunities in every business coaches situation that can be optimised. The strategy you market with, the products you are selling, the leads you have generated are all there to be optimised. I’ve found the acceleration of success comes down to understanding how to utilise what you already have with what’s missing… and what’s missing is usually only a couple of foundations… once these are in place, your results will accelerate.

Our interest is finding coaches who want to add a minimum of $100k per annum to their bottom line.

This is why I’ve built the Optimisation Plan and the process around assessing the opportunities in your business.

For some of you, The Optimisation Plan will be just the clarity you need to get out and smash it. For others, you’ll see what a partnership with a network could do for your income and impact as a coach… both outcomes are designed to take you further in you coaching career.

So, if adding 6 figures to your income is worth an hour of your time, then we’ll be meeting each other very shortly! My commitment is to spend an hour with you to find out how…

Here’s what it will help you with:

  • What are the key opportunities in your business right now
  • What they are worth when they are monetised
  • How to monetise them into an income that reflects the work you’ve done

Here’s what I need from you before we catch up:

First, tell me a bit about you… Then, you’ll briefly talk to Wayne (my business partner)… His expertise is how to spot untapped potential in a business coaches activity… He will very quickly get an idea of what you’re sitting on and will send you a video to give you some prep work prior to meeting me.

So let me know where you’re at… and we’ll talk soon…

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