Quantifying Your Wins…

This is another big deal when it comes to keeping clients long term…

The process of quantifying your wins is something that’s not done at all by clients!  We have to do it for them and remind them of the great decision that they made to engage our services.

If we don’t do this, they can think that all the gains that have been made would have happened anyway, and why should they keep on paying for our services!  Without a solid way to quantify our wins, it’s no wonder that clients get to wondering “what have you done for me lately!”

We think this is a massive part of being a professional business coach!

The business optimisation software that we have built makes this process obvious in the way that we are able to compare our fees to the upside that’s available in the business…

A review that looks at quantifiable wins is how to do this as it shows the client 3 things:

1. Shows the client the progress you’re making as key mile markers

2. Also they can see great value for the time they are spending working on their business with you

3. Lastly it demonstrates ROI on your fees which is really important for retaining

We’ve automated this into a propriatory Software system because retention is such a massive part of building a successful coaching business… check out the demo on the home page where it says SOFTWARE!