I had a conversation with an independent coach recently that I thought would be valuable to share.

Part of his challenge was that he was finding converting meetings with prospects into coaching clients was… quite frankly… tough.

He could get in front of them okay.

He’d have good rapport.

He could find pain points and challenges that the business owner needed help with.

And he knew he could help.

But when he’d discuss price and how he could help, he was getting met with either resistance… or “let me think about”.

Those very rarely turn into a sale.

Here’s the problem.

There were no new learning’s for the business owner. He already knew he had those problems, and he’s currently trying to DIY them.

And while the coach may be able to help, it just looks like an expense… a cost.  So the business owner chooses to stay with DIY.

So, this short video unpacks the critical concept and approach that’s missing?  What needs to happen to change this to a client that is open to the opportunity, rather than resistant.

That has clients saying YES.