On Mondays, we catch up with our network about opportunities and challenges that theyre finding in today’s marketplace 
So, heres a snapshot from today!
When we chat to business owners and ask them how’s things are going, often we find they’ll start UNLOADING on us with lots of different things affecting them at that time.
They have a “RANT”!
It’s clear they’re getting pulled in all directions, which can be pretty stressful as well These challenges usually these fall into three categories:
Time challenge (too much!), 
Team challenges (too many!)
Money challenges (not enough!)
So how do we slow them down so we can help them get clarity on their most pressing need?
Our job with the conversation is to turn them from “OVERWHELM” into “OPPORTUNITY”
So in this short video I share a super simple, three step process that we use that works every time
And if you’re talking to people you’d like to help and they’re sounding a little overwhelmed… then I think this 3 step process will be super-helpful for you as well!
Check it out!

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