Signing up a $20K client might be way less complex than you think! This week I wanted to share a quick snapshot of a conversation that I had with one of our coaches today, who had just signed up one such $20K client :) My first response was… “That’s awesome!” And my question to her was… “So, what was the trigger that made them decide to invest in a program?” As a quick overview, part of our process in converting a prospect to a client is taking them through our Strategy Session, which gives the owner much more insight into what’s possible in their business… and the opportunity to work with us. In this session, there are lots of penny drop moments where it becomes apparent that we need to do something together. But… before we start the Strategy Session, we get a few basic numbers from them. Three of these numbers are key. And as it turns out, it was the discussion around these three numbers that had them asking to sign up and get started! So, in this short video I’ll take you through them and why they made such an impact.

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