I haven’t told you this before, but I did something a bit weird before getting started in this industry… I did a marketing and finance degree and had a decade in corporate before getting into this… So the weird thing I did before getting into this… I actually purchased a small business, a hairdressing salon, to see if I could transform a business that I knew nothing about… and I did! Sold that business for 10x what I bought it for as well :)So with that background, I believed I was qualified to help other businesses with that background… I’m sure you feel the same way about your background! Here’s what I found when I got into this… PART of the role is consulting… knowing the answers and providing the strategy… the OTHER role is COACHING and this is the part I had to learn… because this role is about getting results out of other people because THEY are the ones who are implementing your strategies NOT YOU… and every business owner I’ve ever met is ALWAYS busy… so even if we have the best strategies, implementing those strategies will be competing with all the stuff they’re already busy with… THAT’S WHY I HAD TO LEARN MORE ABOUT COACHING… So on Monday, we talked about 3 big things that we do as trusted advisors that empower our clients to IMPLEMENT… so these are COACHING principles that SUPERSIZE our CONSULTING advice and take our client results to ridiculous levels… 1st THING… coaching is about getting clients making small commitments often… When people make commitments, they don’t like to be reminded if they don’t do it… so dates are really important here… WHO DOES WHAT BY WHEN… so get them making small commitments often because of the second thing… 2nd THING: coaching is about accountability… business owners are at the top of their own food chain so they’re not used to being held to account. That’s our job as a coach! We need to know how to hold people accountable for the commitments they make in a positive way and without judgement… 3rd THING: coaching is about being able to call it… everyone needs a tune-up from time to time and being able to call people out is super-important for anyone who’s interested in high performance. That also means we have to have very high standards because there’s nothing worse than trying to hold others to account when we’re guilty of the same thing we’re tuning them up about… that’s incongruent! So if you’ve got great expertise and like the idea of coaching… then we should talk!

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