A Coaching Case Study! Today I want to talk to you about coaching and some of the program material that takes clients to a completely different level. Not everyone who joins our network has had coach training… business backgrounds, YES… but Coaching backgrounds, less so…  So today I want to talk about some of the client results that I think will inspire you! One of the advisors in our network has a client who sells boats… they turn over around 10 million but were dealing with a very low margin… low as in 1.2%!This client has two owners and one does the sales while the other runs the office. In our system we’ve got a whole suite of really great presentations that our network use with their clients… and one of those presentations is how to sell using a behavioural profiling tool called DISC… We train on how to use this profiling system as a sales tool and that’s what was utilised with this client… The outcome was really interesting… the purpose of the presentation was to spread the sales load from the one owner who was doing almost all of it… turns out the other owner found the sales system (that we taught him) very compelling and he could see why he’d been avoiding the sales function from the insights that his DISC profile gave him…  So after 3 months coaching, he started making sales… after another 3 months, he was selling at a higher margin than the other owner thanks to using the sales system we had taught him… this put pressure on the other owner to make sales at higher margins too… and by the end of the year, we had helped to build their margins from 1.2% up to 6%… that alone was worth $480K!!!… The break-through was COACHING the other owner to start selling when until then, he’d hide in the office and wait for someone else to serve the customer… That’s how we get clients for life!!! 
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