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The Accountable Boardroom is focussed on the growth and success of all Members of the Board and their associated Businesses. The Members of The Accountable Boardroom will advise, challenge, guide and provide insights to other Members to help achieve their vision.

The Boardroom Membership

The Accountable Boardroom of consists of 8, with a maximum of 10 Business Owners or Leaders.  To become a member of The Accountable Boardroom, the Business Owner or Leader needs to be invited by the founder and is not open to the broader public. Invitations for membership will be initiated based on either:

  • Previous experience of working with the Founder (and affiliates) of The Accountable Boardroom.
  • Recommendations from current Board Member completing successful interview with the Founder.

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The Boardroom Structure

Every three months a “Strategic Accountability Intensive” is held. In the Intensive we set individual goals whereby each goal is critiqued for scope, scale and how well it stretches each member.  This competitive format enables results that may have been previously unthought of or considered too challenging.  In this Intensive we also revisit each members’ two-year vision for Income, Freedom and Scale.

Between the Strategic Accountability Intensives, a Midway Check-in Session is held.  In this group session the focus is on implementation and checking in on progress to brainstorm roadblocks, obstacles and challenges as well as opportunities. Consistent with the “accountable” philosophy, we hold each other to account for the success of both the individual Business Owners and as a Group of high-performance Business Leaders.

In addition to coming together for the Board Meetings, each board member has Individual Accountability Sessions with the Founder (or associate of).  These are held fortnightly or monthly (depending on membership) and are conducted online or at the Founder’s office.  All sessions are facilitated by the Founder (or associate) to ensure that this process stays on track and to ensure the sum of the group is greater than its parts.

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The Code of Being Accountable

The Accountable Boardroom Members all take an active part in holding each other accountable. They are open to challenging each other where appropriate with the sole purpose of accessing the best performance from each member.  Likewise, all Board Members are actively engaged in identifying other potential members who would uphold the code of accountability that drives the success of the group.  At all times The Accountable Boardroom and its members will respect the confidentiality and integrity of all information shared as members and will uphold the code of being accountable.

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