Advertising Instructions for Recruiting Local Directors

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We have used this ad to generate over 400 enquiries over an 8 week period.  Suffice to say, adopt before adapt!

Here’s the ad:

Local Director – Business Coaching & Consulting Industry

Trusted Advisor Network <Your Region>

Consulting & Strategy > Strategy & Planning

“Like to Build Your Own Business Instead of Someone Else’s?”

Unique opportunity for ex Corporates, existing Consultants or Business Coaches to step into a key leadership role and grow your own Consulting Business, with the opportunity to mentor new Coaches and Consultants into your Firm.

  • Ideal for those with a strong corporate, management and leadership background looking to build on their past business experience.
  • Work with us to establish your Consulting business then recruit your own team of business consultants to work in your own Firm.
  • Strong income potential: $140k – $350K

We are currently recruiting Local Directors in the <Area> region. We are looking for the right people that fit our brand and philosophy for business improvement in the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) sector.  With the right team of Local Directors, we can have a profound influence on the SME business community.

We believe that business development in the SME sector should be accessible, affordable and sustainable to business owners everywhere.  Our experience over the past 16 years in this industry has shown us that the SME sector has been under-serviced with inconsistent, non-existent and often too expensive advice.  Our belief is that business owners need advice that is accountable for its results where those giving the advice can systematically prove Return on Investment for the owner.

As part of our expansion, we are looking for highly committed business people with a passion for helping others.  It may be that you have successfully built teams and businesses or you may be an existing coach or consultant who wants to amplify your influence.

This is a self-employment position where we work closely with you to help build your own consulting/coaching business (or expand your existing business).  Then once you’re ready, you’ll have the added opportunity to recruit consultants/coaches to establish your own Firm over time.  We provide all initial and on-going training and have a unique set of resources, tools, systems and Coaching Software exclusive to our network of consultants.  You’ll also receive in-field training by working closely with your Regional Director (me) to get you launched with clients and established as a local SME consultant.  That’s my role… working along-side you step by step.

Skills & Experience:

  • Like the idea of being involved and assisting the SME business community.
  • Enjoy being part of a team, while also leading teams and individuals.
  • Self-driven with a strong desire to achieve.
  • Motivated to help others and see them succeed.
  • Feel like you still have more you’d like to achieve in your career.
  • Looking for a long-term career option that combines the above.

If this opportunity sounds like something that fits your values, your talents and your passions, tell us about yourself, where you are based and why this position is of interest to you?

For initial contact and expression of interest <your email>


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