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Sheena is a "Commander"

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Why Take the Advisor Profile...

Trusted Advisor Network have developed this tool in conjunction with Innermetrix profiles to bring you the world’s first profiling tool designed specifically for aspiring Business Advisors, Business Coaches and Business Consultants. Innermetrix are well known for supplying profiles for Tony Robbins and have had more than 4,000,000 profiles completed to date.

Your personalised Advisor Profile will give you clear direction on the link between your natural skills and how to transfer them into the lucrative world of professional Business Advisory. Find out what your clients will value the most and how to play to your strong suits.

Here’s a glimpse of the insights you’ll gain from completing your profile:

  • Get clarity on the strong suits you have that clients will value the most
  • Find out blind spots that you’ll need to navigate that can get in the way
  • Understand your most influential attribute that will gain & retain clients
  • Work out how to optimise your profile to commercialise your skills

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Which of the 8 profile archetypes are you?

Are you a COMMANDER with initiative and decisiveness?

Are you an INNOVATOR who creates compelling ideas?

Are you a MOTIVATOR who inspires urgency and commitment?

Are you a COLLABORATOR who optimises relationships and teamwork?

Are you an ADVOCATOR that empowers performance?

Are you a FACILITATOR with expertise that is practical & relatable?

Are you an EDUCATOR who analyses, instructs and systemises?

Are you a CHALLENGER who demands accountability?

Why it Works?

The Advisor Profile was created by Will Fulton who has trained and worked with hundreds of coaches worldwide over the last 18 years. These observations have provided a unique understanding of how different behavioural types are able to launch, build and scale advisory businesses. What works for one type of personality does not necessarily work for all types.

What Advisors Get Wrong

Because we see other people describing their success stories, there is a natural tendency to try and recreate that success by emulating what others have done.  Unless you naturally exhibit those attitudes and attributes, this can feel like you’re trying to be someone you’re not.  The break through moment from undertaking an Advisor Profile is when you appreciate the importance of concentrating your power around one identity.  Unless this is done you’ll dilute your power by attempting to be multiple identities.  Trying to be all things to all people is never an effective strategy.

Why The Profiles Are So Valuable

Without the benefits of hindsight, people in advisory roles can spend years before they come to understand why some clients will buy from them while others don’t. Knowing how to project to clients the elements of your personality that are most natural for you and are simultaneously most valuable to a client is critical to your success as a professional advisor. This also translates to retaining clients in long term, high value engagements. Knowing your blind spots will prevent you from any unconscious missteps meaning your income will build faster and with greater stability.

Specifically For Business Advisors, Coaches & Consultants

The advisory business is extremely unique. Where else are you required to not only market yourself, but also to sell and deliver your services to clients. Knowing yourself and how you are being perceived by potential clients is therefore vital to your success. Whether you are a Business Advisor, a Business Coach or and Specialist Consultant, the insights in this profile will benefit your understanding of how to perform effectively.

Practical, Relatable and Easy to Follow

You’ll quickly appreciate the specificity of how each section of your profile is laid out. Each section provides powerful insights that when followed, will open new opportunities for greater control over the two pillars of the advisory business model: acquiring clients and retaining clients. Learn insights that are specific to your own natural strong suits rather that trying to emulate the success of others who may have a completely different profiles to yours.

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