Hear from Alexie O'Brien...

Launching any business can take time…  But!  That’s not always true for this type of business 🙂  In the video below you’ll hear from Alexie who’s just 30 days into her journey.  Check out what she has to say about the marketing and the type of conversations that she’s been having.  She’ll also tell you about her diary… it’s loaded!  This video was taken in August of 2021 with flash lock-downs happening all around Australia.  The test of any system is how it performs under exceptional circumstances… take a listen!

About Trusted Advisor Network

Will Fulton
Wayne Armstrong

Founded by Will Fulton and Wayne Armstrong, Trusted Advisor Network (TAN) is a professional network of over 50 Business Advisors across NZ and Australia.  TAN Members use world-class Consulting and Coaching Programs for 1:1 Clients and Group Clients in the SME Sector.  Resources include all the software, educational models, program formats, presentations, templates, workbooks and resources that our members need to be Trusted Advisors in their Local Communities.

Our past 18 years in the advisory space has been the catalyst for developing our break-through business model.  It has been developed after years of in-field experience being coaches, trainers and presenters that our founders have experienced from working with both 1:1 and group clients. In the past 12 years we have assisted well over 200 ex-corporate execs, coaches and consultants to launch or grow their businesses in this industry. By joining our network, members combine their business backgrounds with our experience that includes being Franchisees, running a Franchise Group, running a Group Coaching Program with 120+ members, managing national marketing campaigns, off-line and on-line media campaigns and running our own internal call centre.

Most importantly, over the last 12 years we have developed a deep understanding of working with business owners from every industry imaginable.  It has allowed us to continually develop leading methodologies, systems and intellectual property that makes up our program material. The synergy of working in partnership with our team along with such diverse clients has given us a collaborative culture that has become the most valuable part of the way we operate as a network.