April TAN Training Intensive...

Launching Your Coach / Consulting Business

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Friday 3rd April:  12.00pm QLD:  1.00pm NSW/VIC:  3.00pm NZ

This is an introductory session where we will cover the Agenda for the following days (especially given the current circumstances).  Most importantly we’ll make sure that we all have time to meet and learn a bit about each other, your backgrounds etc.

Saturday 4th April: 9.00am QLD:  10.00am NSW/VIC:  12.00pm NZ

Sunday 5th April: 9.00am AEST:  11.00am NZ. (Daylight saving finished)

Monday 6th April: 9.00am AEST:  11.00am NZ.

We will aim to finish between 4.00pm and 5.00pm AEST on each of the 3 days, but essentially we take as long as needed to make sure that we cover everything!



You may have seen some or all of this already, but it’s definitely valuable to revisit as a refresher, so that as much as possible is familiar to you when you hit the Training room..

1. https://trustedadvisor.co/consultant-info/

This page has the 4 short videos where Will unpacks the Pathway to Premium in more detail, plus two new additional videos on the strategy of our approach, “Market Position” and then the “Client Acquisition” video on Lead Generation through to Conversion.

2. The TLBN Vault:

a) “Introducing The Campaigns”:  The various campaigns available and the Red Carpet Pipeline.

b) Covid-19 > Partnerships: All the content on this page!

c) Connect > Direct Targeting


As mentioned on the video above, please be printer ready so that you can print out the PDF copy of the Training Workbook…

Looking forward to seeing you all at Training!

Will & Wayne

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