An Introduction to

Monetising Your Profile

How to take your talents to market...

The origins of The Advisor Profile came from a desire to have a tool for our own network of advisors.  It was developed to help them achieve the best client results possible from using their own natural talents in conjunction with our tools and systems.

Think about it this way: we all know we have talents, but the question is how do we build a persona around these talents for the role of being an advisor, coach or consultant.  When we are confident with this persona, clients can easily recognise the role we will play in helping them to achieve the level of success they desire.

Your Advisor Profile is designed to give you insights into your own natural persona that is both valuable and marketable.  The material we have collated for you below (the “Bonus Pack” as we called it) will therefore provide you with an introduction to the advisory industry.  We have also laid out the tools and systems we have built to assist those who wish to commercialise their talents in this industry.

Here's an overview of the advisory space and how to approach clients who need you...

Further down the page you can download a copy of The Coaches Toolbox.

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The Coaches Toolbox

The Coaches Toolbox includes all the tools that help you monetise your Advisor Profile.  You’ll see the 3 key parts of the advisory business where your profile will need to perform: Generating Leads, Converting them into fee-paying Clients and then Delivering high-value program material.
  • The Income Basics
  • The 2 Big Concerns
  • Getting Leads
  • Signing Clients
  • Retaining Clients
  • The Profit Analysis Tool
  • The Signature Coaching System
  • The Group Coaching Programs

Additional Information...

Why SME Business Owners Need Your Help

For too long the SME sector have been under-serviced with inconsistent, non-existent and often too expensive advice.  Armed with your Advisor Profile and some of the tools you’ve seen here, you may be thinking about how to develop your income as a professional Business Advisor.

If that’s you, then there may be a further business opportunity to discuss.  We have three intakes every year where we select a maximum of 8 advisors for an extensive training intensive. We offer these slots by application only due to the work we do one-on-one with those who we train.    

If you’re excited about the idea of monetising your Advisor Profile and are keen to pursue a significant business opportunity, then let’s talk further.