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Every Business coach who has made a start has built assets that include: Business Owners you’ve spoken to; Alliance Partners you’ve met; Networking Events you’ve been to. How effective you’ve been at monetising these activities will have you feeling either well-paid, or under-paid.

We’ve spent the last 8 years helping Business Coaches monetise their skills… that’s why we’ve written The Optimisation Plan.

Coaches we’ve helped are in one of three places:

Start up: In the industry for less than 2 years; earning less than $5k a month

Step up: Been coaching for 2-4 years; stalled at 3-6 clients; earning $8k to $15k a month

Scale up: Don’t need more 1:1 Clients; looking for scale; $15k+ but looking for $30 a month

Which one are you?

That tells us what you need to find the next level…

There are opportunities in every Business Coaches situation that can be optimised. The strategy you market with, the products you are selling, the leads you have generated… all are there to be optimised. We’ve found the acceleration of success comes down to understanding how to utilise what you already have with what’s missing… and what’s missing is usually only a couple of foundations… once these are in place, your results will accelerate.

Our interest is finding coaches who want to add a minimum of $100k per annum to their bottom line.

This is why we’ve built the Optimisation Plan and the process around assessing the opportunities in your business.

For some of you, The Optimisation Plan will be just the clarity you need to get out and smash it. For others, you’ll see what a partnership with a network could do for your income and impact as a coach… both outcomes are designed to take you further in you coaching career.

So, if adding 6 figures to your income is worth an hour of your time, then we’ll be meeting each other very shortly! Our commitment is to spend an hour with you to find out how…

Here’s what it will help you with:

  • What are the key opportunities in your business right now
  • What they are worth when they are monetised
  • How to monetise them into an income that reflects the work you’ve done

Here’s what we need from you before we catch up:

First, tell us a bit about you… Then, you’ll be talking firstly to Wayne… His expertise is how to spot untapped potential in a business coaches activity… He will very quickly get an idea of what you’re sitting on and will send you a video to give you some prep work prior to do before we do The Optimisation Plan.

So tell us where you’re at… and we’ll talk soon…

Start Here

Business Consulting Course

Become a Business Coach with Our Business Consulting Course

Suppose you have a desire to help businesses overcome their challenges and pain points, achieve their goals, and achieve considerable growth. In that case, a business consulting course through Trusted Advisor Network may be a perfect fit for you. A business coach can make a huge difference by helping start-ups find their footing, or by lending a hand to businesses that need assistance navigating through a crossroads. Our business advisor training opportunities are designed to help professionals make this kind of lasting impact on their local business communities.

The Importance of Business Consulting Training

You might think, ‘Well, I already know an awful lot about my industry; why do I need business consulting courses to start coaching?’ Certainly, no rule says an experienced business person wishing to pivot to a career of business coaching must go through a business consulting training program first. However, we believe that the step we provide is an incredibly important one for future business coaches. Here are a few reasons why:

  • We help you get started. It’s one thing to have a lot of business knowledge. It’s another thing entirely to be able to position yourself as someone that businesses in your community want to hire to deliver business advice. Our business consulting programs help you understand the marketing and brand-building aspects of being a business coach so that you connect with local business owners and start making a difference.
  • We help you plan the business model. How much is a top-tier business consultant worth? As knowledgeable as many business coaches are, they sometimes have a warped sense of how much they should be paid for their time and services. Not that your skills aren’t worth a premium price, but many business coaches inadvertently end up pricing themselves out of having a steady stream of business. We educate aspiring business coaches on how to leverage a ‘freemium up to premium’ business model so that they can bring their services to every business owner—not just the fortunate few that can afford higher-priced offerings.
  • We help you become a trusted advisor for ALL businesses. Another common mistake that business coaches make is targeting themselves too narrowly at a specific business niche. We get it: your business knowledge probably comes from hands-on experience, which means it probably relates to a specific industry or type of business. What our business advisor courses help you understand, though, is that most of your business insights are relevant and transferable to a broad range of organisations. For that reason, the ‘TAN Philosophy,’ as we call it, is aimed at helping our business coaches establish themselves the number one Trusted Advisor for every local business owner in their area.

What You Can Expect from Trusted Advisor Network and Our Business Consulting Course

When you commit to business consulting training with us, here are just a few of the things you can expect to learn:

  • How to attract clients. Can you be a business advisor if you have no business clients to advise? The lifeblood of your business is your clients, so you can trust that our business advisor program will focus deeply on the steps necessary to onboard new clients quickly.
  • How to manage your business. As your business grows and you accumulate more clients, you will need a good way to keep track of your client list and their different needs. We advise you on how you can use client management software tools to organise your business and deliver better service to all your clients.
  • How to take your business to the next level. Every business coaching advisor does things a little bit differently. The skills and knowledge you bring to the table, your current client list, the makeup of your local business community, your marketing strategy, how many clients you have, how long you’ve been doing this, your core service offerings: all these things might look different for you right now than for another business coach. It’s because of these differences that business consulting courses can sometimes be underwhelming—but only if they take a one-size-fits-all approach to training. Our first step with new coaches is typically to ask them what they are doing right now, so that we can get a sense of how their business operates. Armed with this knowledge, we will be so much better positioned to leverage what you have in place already and build upon that to help your coaching business grow and thrive. Our personalised process is the top reason that so many of the coaches we’ve coached have gone on to achieve big success.

Why Trusted Advisor Network Is Cost-Effective?

We take our own advice when it comes to our business advisor course offerings, which is to say, we provide both freemium and premium options. If you are just getting started and are looking to develop a basic foundation of know-how that you can apply to building your business, you can get started without spending a dime. We offer a free info pack for download called ‘The Coaches Toolbox,’ which we believe is a perfect starting point for any business coach who is looking to get started or take their business to the next level. As you grow your business and feel the desire to get into a more in-depth and personalised business consulting course, we hope you will consider our premium monthly coaching subscription, which costs $2,500 per month. In any case, if you want to make a living and make a difference as a business coach in your area, contact us directly or learn more about our business consulting courses online.