The Business Coaching Optimisation Plan

Play A Bigger Game

The purpose of the optimisation plan is to evaluate the fit between yourself and Trusted Advisor Network

Your answers from the questionnaire have been evaluated with the results and recommendations being built into The Business Coaching Plan. Finding a fit is a combination of discussion, assessment and alignment towards our Mission Statement for Trusted Advisor Network which is to "Play a Bigger Game"

12 Point Partnership Strategy

The following summary outlines our 12 point process for working together with members who join our network.

1. Build your Authority position

with a brand and a position that establishes you as Local Director looking after a designated Business Community

2. Install a Program Menu

so every level of business can buy a service package from you with a clear pathway towards upgrading their program with you.

3. Generate a steady Appointment Flow

that fills your diary with face-to-face appointment to discuss their business and set up a subsequent meeting.

4. Boost your Conversion Rate

in a "Triage Session" when the marketing discussion pivots into a Sales Opportunity to buy a one-off service from you.

5. Demonstrate your Content Delivery

in a paid "Single Session" that sorts your clients into an appropriate long-term program.

6. Launch your Group Program

with smaller or cash flow challenged clients or launch with joint Venture targets

12 Point Partnership Strategy Continued...

7. Leverage your Premium Program

with clients who are looking for faster results from working 1:1 with you.

8. Implement pre-built Fee Finding strategies

with templated tasks for clients that established ROI on your fees within 90 days.

9. Stabilise your Retention Rate

for a minimum 12 months based on bankable Fee Finding strategies using proprietary TAN software

10. Systemise Upgrade Reviews

at regular intervals for clients to choose the next level of service from your Program Mentor.

11. Develop your Mentoring Income

for qualified TAN coaching who wants to mentor other coaches who join our network.

12. Provide a Firm Building

model for coaches who want to build an asset with associate coaches working in a localised area.

The first part of this journey is to complete the assessment and take part in an interview with us to establish whether we see a strong fit.
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