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Many businesses are hurting right now and many need help. In fact we’ve found the current trading environment has business owners more responsive to support and advice than they’ve ever been before. That's VERY positive! and that's why we're reaching out...

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What can you do to help?

As you’ll see in the video, we’ve developed a coaching tool that gives a quick guide for business owners to self-assess how they’re coping with change.

Whether you’re an exisiting coach or just thinking about entering the industry you can do something to help the plight of business owners. The email we’ll send you comes with not only the link to send out the tools, but also instructions.That way you can use it with someone you know in business or if not, just step through it yourself to see how it works.

Either way, you’ll get an example of how to start a discussion between you and a business owner.

What has it been designed for?

It’s an online tool called the Business Temperature Check.

It’s designed to give business owners some quick strategies that address three core parts of their business.Giving people a feeling of what they can control is a valuable outcome at a time when there are many areas that are out of control.

Why are we making it available?

As you’ll may know, we have a network of coaches across Australia and NZ. But it’s not enough. There’s simply far more businesses that need support right now than we can ever get to.

So… if you’re keen to help others, while getting to test drive some of our gear for yourself, then enter your details in and we’ll send out the details of how.

One more thing…

The tool is built so it’s generic, non-branded and hosted so you can easily access and share it. There is no reporting back to us on how much or little you’ve used it. No catches.

Frankly, we on a mission to help small businesses so we hope you’ll join us in making a difference… if you are, then dive in, have a look, and see if there are others you might help by passing it on or giving them a hand.

Thanks for enlisting!

Will & Wayne