What are the 5 Stages to Launch (or re-Launch) Your Consulting Career with TAN...

If you're on this page you've seen an Overview of the TAN System and the 4 Videos that show you details of how to put the Pathway to Premium into practise... so what's next...

The video below takes you into the process of getting "Launched" into your local business community. You'll also see what happens in the lead up to the TAN Launch Intensive that trains you on how to use all parts of the TAN System. In the video we'll take you through what you'll learn and what happens once you complete the training and start the process of connecting with your local business community...

What are Next Steps to Launching as a Consultant with TAN...

The TAN System

The Financial Model

The Launch Plan
The TAN Agreement

That’s four, so what’s the fifth?  Well, it’s happening all the way through the other four stages… “The Like-ability Factor”.  When you’ve watched the videos and talked to a Regional Director you’ll have an impression of whether you think we can work together… likewise, we’ll also have an impression.  What we’re after is Finding a Fit.  It’s an obvious stage, but a critical one!

The most time-intensive step is getting an understanding of the TAN System.  For this reason we’ve built the videos that you’ve already seen to explain the moving parts and how they’ll work for you.  From here we get into the Financial Model before looking at the logistics and timing of when to make a start.

Part of seeing how Consulting to the SME Business Community can become a life-long career is to see where it can take you beyond just getting a portfolio of Premium Clients.  Have a look below to get a sense of where you can take it…

The Financial Model: How far can you take it

Our model covers getting you established properly with all the initial set-up, training and branding required, so that we can work together to help you build and scale your business… all designed to help you go faster and replace income quickly.

The Launch Plan: How to make 90K in 90 Days

The $90K Launch Plan target is based on revenue from 3 Premium Clients who are paying you $2,500 per month (Silver Program) into 12 month + programs… $30K per annum.  The 90 Day target is 3 months to get 3 clients at a rate of one client per month…

To assist you with this we have a “Boot Camp” workbook that helps you develop two key parts of the Launch Plan to deliver you the income result.

  1. The TAN System: how to utilise the Networking, Presentations and Direct Targeting using the TAN visual sales models
  2. The Launch Activity: needed by to activate the TAN System that gets you appointments with Premium prospective clients

Below is a snapshot of how Bootcamp works…

The process for managing your Launch is done with the 90 Day “Sprint” made up of 13 weeks where you’ll work closely with us to ensure you get your initial clients on board.  This way you’ll have our help to optimise each aspect of what you have been trained on during the TAN Launch Intensive… You’ll also be attending Monday webinars along with our Network of Advisors where you’ll be focusing on one particular aspect of the Pathway to Premium i.e. how to improve the quality of your engagements with Prospects, Buyers, Members and Premium Clients.

The TAN Agreement & Planning Calendar

The last part of providing you with details of becoming a Consultant with the Trusted Advisor Network is to have a look at the TAN Agreement.  At our next meeting we’ll walk through the Agreement as well as reviewing the key opportunities that come with being part of TAN… those being:

  1. The Consultant Opportunity: to get 6-10 Premium Clients from using the TAN marketing process
  2. The Local Directorship: to start a Group Program with 10-30+ Member Clients in your Local Area
  3. The Firm Builder: a pathway to recruiting other consultants to join you in your own local area of 7,000 businesses

Before our next meeting, have a look at the planning calendar for key dates to aim for.  You’ll see the TAN Launch Training Intensive dates as well as conference dates over the year.  You can download a copy by clicking on the calendar image…

Last thing, we’ve included everything you need to know about the upcoming Training Intensive in the “Countdown to Training” document.  You’ll see logistics and the daily agenda as well as pre-training that you can complete before you get there.  That’s it for now!  Talk again soon…

TAN Members share their experiences

Hear from some of our TAN Members as they share their experiences on joining TAN, the 4 Day Training Intensive, their backgrounds and why coaching appealed to them.

Chris Beard

“What I enjoy most is picking business owners lives up with some simple steps, some clarity, accountability & a little fun on the way. It changes people’s lives”

Geoff Young

“I get to work with a wide range of businesses from around $200k turnover to over $50 Mil, from businesses with no teams to large teams of 60-70”

Cathy Young

“We have true financial independence AND true freedom to do all the things that we want to do. So it gets a tick in every single box”

Gerard Gallagher

“I’m absolutely blown away by the simplicity of everything, but by the mass scale of everything. There is so many tools in this toolbox”

Lana Ratapu

“I really love the focus on the system that looks at how do we find our fee faster and get financial results much faster than any other system out there”

Paul Hooley

“It wasn’t about having an ego, but instead leveraging TAN’s material that let me do what I love doing best, and that’s being one-on-one with clients”

Ready for the next Step?

If the above is resonating with you then the next step is to catch up on the phone for a Discovery Call… Here’s What We’ll Cover in our Call Together

  • Your current career situation & what’s next
  • Matching your profile to the coach/consulting space
  • An update on the current advisory marketplace
  • Converting new clients using the TAN approach
  • How TAN membership & our pricing model works

Fifteen minutes will give us both a chance to see if there’s more to discuss…

If there’s a good fit, we’ll give you access to a 4-Part Video Series that takes a deeper dive into our methodology, approach and IP (not available on our website).