An Introduction to Becoming a Consultant with the Trusted Advisor Network...

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TAN are recruiting, training and supporting Local Directors as Business Consultants to the SME sector across Australia and New Zealand…

This is a unique opportunity for ex Corporates, existing Consultants or Business Coaches to step into a key advisory role.  Your role is to help business owners in your local area by using our marketing approach, sales methods and consulting systems including proprietary software.  In turn you will be in control of your own income as you grow your portfolio of clients.

We are looking for the right people that fit our brand and philosophy for business improvement in the SME sector. With the right team of coaches and consultants, we believe we can have a profound influence on the SME business community.

We believe that business development in the SME sector should be accessible, engaging, powerful and sustainable to business owners everywhere.  Our experience over the past 16 years in this industry is that for too long the SME sector have been under-serviced with inconsistent, non-existent and often too expensive advice.  Our belief is that business owners need advice that is accountable for its results whereby those giving the advice can systematically demonstrate Return on Investment to the owner.

As part of our expansion we are looking for highly committed business people with a passion for helping others.  This is a full-time role with all the initial and on-going training, resources, tools and systems provided (check out The Coaches Toolbox for details).

Skills & Experience:

  • You’ll be a “people person” who enjoys connecting with business owners
  • Self-driven with a strong desire to achieve
  • Motivated to help others and see them succeed
  • Feel like you still have plenty more you’d like to achieve in your career
  • Like the idea of being involved and assisting the SME business community
  • Enjoy being in control of your own destiny while still being part of a larger team
  • Open to being coached and adopting a successful consulting model
  • Looking for a long-term career option that combines the above

As the founders of the Trusted Advisor Network we work closely with our Local Directors to help you achieve success, and by extension, the clients that you’ll be looking after.

If this opportunity is sounding like something that fits your values, your talents and your passions, tell us a bit about yourself and book an appointment directly with us to talk further.

Looking forward to helping you play a bigger game…

Will & Wayne

Business Coach Franchise

Get Help Learning the Ropes without having to buy a Business Coaching Franchise

If you are looking for experienced minds that can train you in better business management, our business coach program has everything you need, but without the expense and longterm contracts of a business coach franchise. We have a program for everyone from start-up enthusiasts to established business owners. Choose Trusted Advisor Network for a team that helps you generate concrete strategies.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Services When You When You Want an Alternative to a Business Coaching Franchise

If you are thinking about help from a business consulting franchise, you should consider the following benefits that our Membership based Program provides to all our clients:

  • We have years of industry experience and have studied what turns an ordinary business into an effective one. We have a vast pool of knowledge we would love to share with you so that you can also become a titan of industry.
  • We offer all our clients a try before you buy option. We would never expect you to commit to anything before you have all the information you need. Through this approach, we allow you to see what working with us will be like before making a final decision.
  • We provide extensive customer support throughout the entire course. If you ever have questions or need clearer explanations of terminology or our methods, do not hesitate to ask. We encourage questions every step of the way.

Our team offers years of industry experience, a try before you buy approach, and all the customer support you could need through the course. By the time you finish with our training program, you will have an entirely new mindset regarding what makes a business work.

Problems We Help Solve, just like a Business Consulting Franchise

Here are some of the common problems we help our clients tackle without needing a business coaching franchise:

  • You are passionate about helping smaller business get on their feet, but you don’t know where to start. We have a host of tools that will help you identify potential opportunities better, and that will help you help others.
  • You want to learn more, but you don’t have time. Our courses require only two days a week of your time, which is miniscule when compared to what we offer. Even with a full schedule, you’ll learn everything you need to in no time.
  • You need additional tools in your arsenal. Once you start your training with us, we will introduce you to a range of tools – software and otherwise – that will help you thrive as a business coach.

About Us and Our Services compared to a Business Coaching Franchise

We love a good success story, and what better success story than one we get to partake in? Our primary goal is to help you become the business coach you want to be so that you can help other businesses reach for their potential.

Our business consulting team will help you with everything you need to know to become a better business coach. When we help you, you get to help others, and that is how our local communities truly begin to thrive. Book your first session with us today and get started on your journey to coaching greatness.

Check our diary for a time to catch up… if you believe the timing is right for a new challenge, then lets talk…