Dear Esteemed Coach/Consultant, and now, Page Visitor!

If you’re reading this, then maybe you’re contemplating a day together…

“What takes an entire day?”  you might ask.

This is your chance to get a sense of what it would be like if you were able to dedicate Most of your Time to serving many more clients than you’ve ever thought yourself as having the capacity to help… You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the passion, you’ve got ambition… so after a day together, you’ll very quickly see if it’s time to step into your A Game and Up your Influence by developing Multiple Income Streams that extend your service capacity far beyond 1:1 Clients.

Too many Business Coaches drive past Local Businesses everyday.  Over the 1-Day Live Event you’ll find out how you can CONNECT with them… then CONVERT them into Making a Start and then CONSULT to them with Pre-Built Programs…

All this is possible when you have a  Full-Service Menu of Programs that are ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE and UPGRADEABLE that are Easy (and fun!) to Deliver that produce Bankable Results for your Clients.

Everyday our Network is busy Building a Movement (that’s right, a MOVEMENT!) in local business communities across Australia and New Zealand.  The feedback they get every time they present their Pre-Built Programs is a deluge of Positivity and Gratitude.  Clients. Just. Love It.

If you are a coach who’s been slaving away building endless program material and devising endless marketing campaigns… Stop.  Just for a second.  To consider a question:

“If the time you spent building program material and figuring out marketing campaigns was exchanged instead for spending time with fee-paying clients who love what you do… (here’s the question…) Would your clients care who built the program material?”

Depending on your answer, you’ll quickly figure out if you need to meet us.  If you really love building Program Material then keep doing it!  We’re probably not going to be a good fit. But if you’d rather be in front of 5-15 business owners every week who are happy to take a Program with you, then check out the dates!

Our intention with spending a day together is simple:

Show you how you can Amplify your Impact and Leverage your Skills with a Plug and Play System that builds Multiple Income Streams.

Once you see it, you might consider something else.  It’s possible you’ll also recognize the opportunity to Build an Asset.  An Asset being a Firm of Associate Coaches that you lead to become the Trusted Advisors to your local Business Community.  It’s not for everyone, it’s not compulsory, but it’s definitely something to consider when you think of how you can help other coaches into this industry with your guidance and skills.  And, it’s another Income Stream that takes your business beyond 1:1 Client Dependancy.

Here’s some of the many groups being run by our Network… all filled with Business Owners that we have met through our marketing campaigns.  If you’re looking for proof-of-concept, look no further than the endless photos that we take every week of Business Owners who are happy to meet us, and happy to join our Group Programs…

What’s you’ll also appreciate is the link between Impact and Income.  The more Impact you have in your business community, the more Income results as an outcome.  Most Business Coaches I’ve met have a strong belief in the unlimited potential of Business Owners to transform their personal and business performance when they subject themselves to working with a coach.  This is a value that transcends the objective of Income.  However, if Income is a reflection of being able to Impact more clients, then why wouldn’t all coaches seek to make more Income!  Having a system that gets you in front of business owners, that gives them the opportunity to transform their results, is the #1 objective of Upping your Influence.  Once you know your skills can help many more clients than who you’re currently working with, you are duty bound to help! 

So the purpose of attending a 1-Day Live Interactive is to connect with the reason you do business coaching in the first place.  To make an Impact, to make an Income, to make a decision to challenge yourself to live your purpose with the opportunities you know are present every time you drive past a business that you are not currently working with.

If you feel an element of frustration that more business owners are not being helped by the skills you possess, then book yourself into our next 1Day Live Interactive.

Here’s What You’ll Walk Away With When You Attend