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As you’ll see in the video, we’ve developed The Business Temperature Check that gives a quick guide for business owners to self-assess how they’re coping with change.

Whether you’re an exisiting coach or just thinking about entering the industry you can do something to help the plight of business owners. We’ve left detailed instructions on how to use the tool above so that you can get started straight away. That way you can use it with someone you know in business or if not, just step through it yourself to see how it works.

Either way, you’ll get an example of how to start a discussion between you and a business owner.

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You can cut and paste the link into emails, posts and messages as you like.

Please Read This Before You Start Using the Tool…

The above tool is an example of what we use to help our team to start conversations with clients.  We customise these tools for our team so that Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are sent directly to the individual advisor.  It’s not feasible for us to do this with what we have sent to you hence the CTA that you’ll see at the end of the questioning sequence.  

Instructions for the Business Temperature Check…

If you’re already a Coach

  1. Send this out to your current contacts
  2. Follow it up to help them get started with it!
  3. Book a meeting with them for further help
  4. Ask who they can send the link to for referrals

If you’re looking at becoming a Coach/Advisor

  1. Send this out to a couple of friendly business owners you’ll know
  2. Have a chat with them about how they’re handling the current trading conditions
  3. See how you like the idea of providing advice and building trust
  4. If you like the exchange then think about what it would be like doing it full-time

What has it been designed for?

The Business Temperature Check has been designed to give business owners some quick strategies that address three core parts of their business.Giving people a feeling of what they can control is a valuable outcome at a time when there are many areas that are out of control.

Why We’ve Shared This with You…

As we’ve mentioned, we’re on a mission to help small businesses get through the current trading environment.  

There are many more businesses needing our help than we can ever get to, so we had an idea…
How about enlisting the help of people like you!!!

That way, we can not only help business owners, but also give you a feel for some of the gear…   If it helps both them AND you, job done ☺

Remember when it comes to using the tool we’ve just sent you, every builder has a hammer, it’s what they build with it that demonstrates their skill… happy building ☺

One more thing…

The tool is built so it’s generic, non-branded and hosted so you can easily access and share it. There is no reporting back to us on how much or little you’ve used it. No catches.

Frankly, we on a mission to help small businesses so we hope you’ll join us in making a difference… if you are, then dive in, have a look, and see if there are others you might help by passing it on or giving them a hand.

Thanks for enlisting!

Will & Wayne