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We mentioned in the Introduction how we'll TRAIN YOU FOR FREE so that you can experience how to monetise your expertise... If you're keen to access the video straight away then you can click on the link below to find out more about the opportunity and to see how members of our network have incomes of $20K + per month as Coach/Consultants...You will still receive the email to your inbox so that you can access the video at any time.

Why Free Coaching and Training?

We have a saying that “Experience beats Explanation”. Many people that we’ve chatted to over the past 12 years aren’t always 100% clear on the industry, if it’s right for them and what working with us will be like.

Here’s a summary of the 5 top questions that we hear most… (maybe some of these rings true for you?)

  1. I’m not sure I have the money to do this right now?
  2. Do SME Business Owners really pay you what you say they do?
  3. Are my background and skills going to be sufficient to be successful?
  4. How do I know your program and training works?
  5. Is this ultimately what I’d like to do as my next career choice?

While we can “Explain” all the above to you, we know that the “Experience” our coaches have once they join our Network and get to work with us clears up lots of the queries.  It’s a bit like starting a new job… you never quite know till you get started if it’s going to be what you hoped for!

So, to make it easy, we’ve have 3 intakes per year where we spend time working with a select group of 20, Training and working with them for Free for up to 120 days, right through to signing Premium Clients, PRIOR to deciding whether to join our program. That way they get to experience this industry and make an informed decision about whether it’s right for them, while removing the uncertainty and risk.

So by watching the “Consultant Opportunity” video walks you through all aspects of the marketplace and our model. It takes about an hour, but it’s important of course to make sure that we’ve shared as much information as we can initially to make it easier to discuss further, plus it saves about 2 hours of explanation over the phone!

If the video information resonates with you then you’ll see where you can book in for an initial Discovery Call. On the call (20-30 minutes) you can let us know more about yourself and why this is of interest to you, and we explain how the Free Coaching Offer works. It’s just the start of the process… to see if we might be a good fit for each other.

Cheers and we look forward to chatting soon!

Will & Wayne

Watch The Video Here