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Getting  Started...

If you’re on this page and about to join then you should be feeling a bit nervous and excited, all rolled into one… that’s a good thing as it means that this is important to you as a next career step!

On this page there’s a quick overview on what happens once you dive in, plus confirmation of the Training times and dates below.

So if you’re good to go, let’s get started!!

We’re looking forward to helping you launch and grow a successful Coaching Business.

Will Fulton

TAN Founder & CEO

Pre Launch Training & Access to The Vault

As soon as you complete your agreement, you’ll have access to the Pre-Launch Training modules.  These operate on a Learning Management System platform so you can start learning the tools of the trade immediately.

You’ll be taken through the entire system step-by-step at your own pace and have access to both tech and system support for any questions that may crop up along the way.

Our Pre-Launch Training lives inside the TLBN Vault – This is where you will find all of the resources, tools & training content you get your first client.  We’ve had new advisors who have signed clients directly from the Pre-Training material before they’ve even attended the Training Intensive.  Get started and you’ll see how you can too…

Branding & Marketing Collateral Built For You

We’ll make sure you always look professional with our branding and graphics package so you can focus on getting clients.

  • Added to our TAN website
  • Your premium Business Cards
  • Regional Facebook Page and Editor Role
  • Innermetrix DISC Profiling Portal
  • Leader Profiles (to sell to Clients & their teams)
  • Trusted Advisor email address
  • Email signature with TAN branding
  • LinkedIn Profile template and branding

Access to TAN Training Webinars

You’ll be invited to join our weekly TAN Training webinars with the entire network where we release the latest training content & tools. Post your Training Intensive we’ll then catch up weekly to make sure you’re on track to getting your first client ASAP.

One-on-One Set-up Session

Before you start on Pre Launch Training we’ll book you into a 1:1 Launch Session with Sarah Adams.  She’ll get you set-up with your tech and marketing platforms and answer any questions… Then you’re ready to launch and good to go!

90 Day Launch Training

We will be covering everything you’ve seen so far on the “Pathway to Premium”, but in much more detail… to help you get into your marketplace to connect with Business Owners and take them from prospects to clients.
This includes weekly trainings and full day trainings, which will be tailored around your actual start date with TAN.

Ready to Join

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