The TAN Local Directors Agreement & Calendar

The last part of providing you with the details of becoming a TAN Consultant is the Agreement and Calendar. The Agreement will outline the working relationships for being part of our network. Below you'll also see a repeat of the video you've already seen that outlines the Financial Model. Check it out again if you need to as it's helpful to clarify the 3 Revenue Opportunities that come with being a TAN Consultant...

Below you’ll also see the TAN Agreement and the Planning Calendar for the key dates to aim for the TAN Launch Training Intensive…

That’s about everything you need!  If you’ve come this far in the process of having a look at this opportunity, then we’d just like to say… We are all EXTREMELY EXCITED about working together to make an impact to the local business communities around Australia and New Zealand!

Each of us are on a pathway to find the best use of the skills and passions that we have.  We believe the sum is bigger than the parts when it comes to being on a mission to make a difference.  That’s what “playing a bigger game” means to us.

Looking forward to meeting you in person as part of the Trusted Advisor Network.


Will & Wayne