30 Minute Download

Where did this Program come from, what are it’s mysterious origins, who are these guys and how did they come to possess this Grail of information that’s caused so much consternation in the world of coaching.  In a 30 minute read, you’ll find the unexpected path to righteous Income Streams and the remortgaged house that almost ruined our weary journeyman. 

Read about how he:
  • Escaped the Black-Hole of 1:1 Client Dependency
  • Avoided the Time-for-Money Income Trap
  • Dodged the Marketing Temple-of-Doom
  • Cracked the Group Client Delivery Code… and,
  • Passed the Do-You-Have-A-Business Test

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30 Minute MasterClass

Overview of the Program top-down.  How to Get Leads, Get Clients and Get Results… all put together with our famous Modeling systems that seem to explain everything so much better.  (The same methodology that gives our coaches such great conversations with their local business owners)  You’ll see more details about the Multiple Income Streams, how to generate them and how they can work for you in your business.  We do these webinars LIVE so you can ask real questions in real time and get real answers… really! 

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3 Hour Discovery

Once you’ve seen the overview, you’ll be ready for a deep dive demo in the depths of our underground Vault.  3 hours you say! Yup, there’s a lot to look over… we’ll show you:
  • software demos,
  • how we get 5-15 appointments every week,
  • how we get 1:5 sign-ups and
  • a good look at all the program material that’s done, dusted and ready for you to take to market. 

Many disappointed coaches after they see what’s been built here… especially from those that love to spend hours in front of their computers building program material to sell to clients and marketing campaigns that they hope will pull in leads. 


WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF 100% of your time was FRONT STAGE with clients who actually pay you rather than BACK STAGE stuck in “hair and make-up”.  That’s why they’re disappointed!  Because they quickly work out that the difference between what they might build, compared to what’s been built already, is not enough to make more sales, produce more leads or get clients better results…

SO THEY ARE CONFRONTED because the reality is, CLIENTS DON’T CARE… THEY JUST WANT A BETTER BUSINESS… so our challenge to you once you’ve seen it will be this… “What’s holding you back if all this is built and ready to go?”

Totally happy however you want to proceed from there… main thing is you know what’s available and where to find it if you want it!

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1 Day Intensive/Interactive

Meet the team who’ll be your support crew.  This is a people sport.  It’s not just a grab and go.  Without guidance, coaching and support for every step of your journey, it’s likely you’ll stall.  Same as your client needs you, you’ll need someone who’s been there before and knows every step and mis-step along the way.  We know the pit-falls, the mess-ups and the rabbit-hole that can distract you on the way to getting Multiple Income Streams working for you.  In a one day, we’ll both know (you’ll know, we’ll know) if the sum is bigger than the parts… If it is, we’ll show you how you can get started.

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4 Day Training/Intensive

Here you’ll learn the full system end-to-end.  A day for each on:

  1. Lay the Foundations for generating Multiple Income Streams in your Business
  2. Kick-start your authority with your go-to market strategy that CONNECTS you with Local Owners
  3. Re-engineer the conversations that CONVERT Owners to Making a Start into your Programs
  4. Install your new CONSULT material so you’re ready, willing, able and Pumped to work your Plan

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Lots more to talk about, thanks for taking a look. Three ways we can help from here:

Download our PDF schedule for the next quarter that shows you:

1.  Live Webinar Dates

2. Discover Session Dates

3. The 1-Day Intensive Dates

4. The 4-Day Training Dates

Also, you can tell us about what you’re looking for in the next Chapter of your Coaching journey here… 5 minutes and you’ll give us what we need to customize what you need…

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Or maybe you’re a phone call guy/gal who wants to talk to a real human… we are both real humans who will answer your call at a humanly convenient time that suits you… The call will focus on:

  1. Your background and how long you’ve been coaching for
  2. What you already have as strategic assets in your business e.g. contact list, CRM (or “from scratch” if you’re just starting out)
  3. What you’ve tried already and what you’re looking for

Then we’ll be able to send out exactly what you need rather than having to hunt for answers to your exact questions… plenty of people know what they’re looking for and are very specific with what they want.  If that’s you, lets talk.