The Regional Directors Overview of the Consultant Recruitment & Launch Process...

Hi Guys!

Above you’ll see a short video on the process for recruiting Local Directors into your Regions… (Note! Some of the process explained on the video has been replaced by the Recruitment System that you’ll see details on by following the links below ūüôā

To the right you’ll see a link to the web-page that you’ll refer your applicants to that come in from your LinkedIn and Seek ads. ¬†On the web-page, they’ll get an Introduction to the Opportunity of being a Consultant in your Region (it’s a one hour presentation of our end-to-end system). ¬†Each of you will get a page like this one that references you as the Regional Director as well as a stunning photo that will have your Mum feeling well proud :).

At the bottom of the page you’ll see where they book into a meeting with the Regional Director (currently it goes to Wayne’s calendar). ¬†You can check it out by clicking¬†here¬†or click the button on the right. ¬†We will build this page for you guys with your profile etc and a link into an appointment app ( that syncs with your calendar. ¬†Calendly will be set up with your email address.

Besides that, we’ve also done an Info Pack that outlines the various tools that make up our system… we’ve called this “The Coaches Toolbox”. ¬†Your applicant can download the Info Pack as part of the process. ¬†Click on the image of The Coaches Toolbox to take a look.

Once your applicants have seen the Overview, downloaded the Info Pack and had a chat, you’ll want to send them more information as part of your on-boarding process. ¬†To help with that you can direct them to a more detailed explanation of each of the 4 quadrants that make up the Pathway to Premium. ¬†We have built a 4 part video series that gives them this detail (about 15 minutes each). ¬†Once they’ve seen them and visited a TLBN session, you’ll be ready to talk about timing of when they will be ready to launch as well as stepping them through the documentation of the Licence Agreement. ¬†Check out the video series by clicking on the opposite link.

The 5 Stages of Recruiting a Consultant

The TAN System

The Financial Model

The Launch Timing

The TAN Agreement

So that’s four stages, what’s the fifth? ¬†Well, it’s happening all the way through the previous four stages… “The Like-ability Factor”… do you like this person and can you work with them? ¬†Obvious but critical!

When recruiting, the most time-intensive stage is explaining the TAN System. ¬†For this reason we’ve built the videos to help take your applicant through all aspects of what they will be doing as a consultant. ¬†Very important to get sign-off on the system before getting down to the details that make up the remaining parts of the process.

Getting to the details means understanding the “Launch” process. ¬†This covers the lead-up time that happens prior to coming to the TAN Launch Intensive (Initial Training). ¬†The Financial Model for joining TAN is presented the same way as we on-board clients i.e. Return on Investment.

The Investment is made up of the up-front “Establishment” and the on-going “Support”. ¬†As with any investment, it’s important to clarify exactly what people are getting for each component and what they should expect to get back in return by way of Income. ¬†For this reason, we have built a Consultant Launch¬†page to view once applicants have seen the TAN System Overview and 4 Videos…

Then once you have successfully recruited your new consultant, they are trained by us at the TAN Launch Intensive. ¬†On completion of the training, they’ll be straight into their 90 Day Launch that you’ll manage in what we call “Boot Camp” (it’s tough, and turns them from a Corporate Civilian to a Consulting Warrior!)


The 90K in 90 Days Bootcamp

The $90K target is the revenue for 3 Premium Clients who are paying $2,500 per month (Silver Program) into 12 month programs… $30K per annum. ¬†The 90 day target is 3 months to get 3 clients at one client per month…

Your role as Regional Director is to work with your new consultant to get them up to and beyond this target. ¬†To assist you with this we have a “Boot Camp” workbook that helps you develop the two key parts of the system for your new consultant to master.

  1. The TAN System: for how to utilise the Networking, Presentations and Direct Targeting using the TAN visual sales models
  2. The Launch Activity: needed by the consultant to activate the TAN System that gets appointments for Business Features with prospective clients

Below is a snapshot of how Bootcamp works…

The process for managing activity is done with the 90 Day “Sprint” made up of 13 weeks where your consultant will set their activity levels for the week and you’ll help them optimise each aspect of what they have been trained on during the TAN Launch Intensive… They’ll also be attending Monday webinars with the wider group operated by us who’ll be focusing on one particular aspect of the Pathway to Premium i.e. how to improve the quality of your engagements with Prospects, Buyers, Members and Premium Clients.

The TAN Regional Directors Agreement & Calendar

The last part of providing you with the details of the Regional Directors Opportunity is the TAN Agreement. ¬†We’ve built a page where you’ll see a 7 minute video that captures the 3 opportunities that come with being a Regional Director…

  1. The Consultant Opportunity: to get 6-10 clients in your Local Area
  2. The Regional Directorship: to recruit 6-10 consultants into your Region
  3. The Firm Builder: to recruit consultants to join your own Local Area of 7,000 businesses

There’s also a Planning Calendar for the key dates to aim for the TAN Launch Training Intensive… check it out on the link.


The above process should give you a good idea of how to recruit Local Directors into your Regions as well as your part in Launching them toward $90K in 90 days.  Our job is to build a great team of Regional Directors (with your help!) and your job (with our help) is to build a great team of Local Directors.

Looking forward to working as a team, to play a bigger game…


Will & Wayne