Here's the four step process to make contact with members to register their interest in a business development program...


Members are sent an email from you with a link to a registration page


Members go to a Registration Page for a Strategy Session and a Financial Session


Members have their operational systems & profit potential assessed to see if there's a fit


Members who have a fit are offered a 6-week business development program


The Email

Subject: *Important Announcement: New Support for Membership*


Dear <Name>

Due to current trading conditions we have been evaluating how we support your business.

Currently the 7CPA supports the clinical side of your business with $18.3 billion of funding over the next 5 years.

Supporting the operational side of your business is not part of 7CPA’s core services but is still a vital part of your success as a business partner.

To recognise the importance of supporting all parts of your business we have contracted a professional consulting organisation.  The objective is to have them assist us with providing support to ensure your business is in the best position possible at this time.

There is NO COST to you for utilising this service, however you will need to register to participate (3 mins).

The service will provide you with two free sessions with details here.

We believe it is our responsibility and obligation to provide you with the best advice possible to trade successfully in this challenging trading environment.


Regards, your business partners

P.S. Please click on the link for more details on how to get access to this support.


The Page

When the member clicks on the link from the email (above) they are taken to the following registration page where they receive further details of what support is available. Below is the page they are sent to...


Your Pharmacy Association has asked us to provide you with a support service to ensure your business is in the strongest possible position...

As you'll know, business like yours are vital to the Australian economy providing over 60,000 jobs and delivering over 300 million scripts.

Currently the 7CPA supports the clinical side of your business with $18.3 billion of funding over the next 5 years. Supporting the operational side of your business is not part of 7CPA's core services but is still a vital part of your success as a business partner.


Your Business Success is Driven by Two Different Factors:

External Factors:

The economy, the government, interest rates, inflation, the pandemic etc… as Business Owners we have very little control over these factors

Internal Factors: 

Your business, your decisions, your strategy, your marketing, your quality etc… as Business Owners we have full control over these factors

Internal Factors will determine the future of your business… that’s what we’ll be focusing on with you.



In this Strategy Session we’ll work with you on:

  1. The 4 Futures of your business and what path you are currently tracking
  1. The 3 core parts of your business where the money is either made or lost
  1. The 9 Internal Projects that you can both control as well as improve

Once completed, you’ll have clear strategies to implement immediately that will add strength to your business

Details below…


In this Financial Session we’ll work with you on:

  1. How much money your business should be making for you as the owner
  1. The strong suits in your business & which areas should be making more profit
  1. The dollar value of profit available in 3 core parts of your business

This session follows on from Session 1 and is conducted with you personally in a one-on-one consultation

More details below…

Session One is delivered through an on-line workshop (Webinar)

The following times are available for Session One and will be confirmed once you complete registration...

Tuesday X July

8:45am for 9am to 10am

Tuesday X July

3:45pm for 4pm to 5pm 

Recorded Session

If these times are unsuitable

You will be provided with a written assessment of how your business should perform when the Internal Factors are well managed and optimised.

Note: the live session will allow your questions to be answered and will be interactive.  We recommend you make every effort to attend if possible.


Session Two is an Individual 60 minute Financial Session (on Zoom)

You’ll receive a written assessment that is individualised to your business.  It requires a small amount of financial data (to drive the software) that we’ll request at the end of Session One.  Any information shared will remain confidential.

Please Book Into Your One-On-One Financial Session With Our Specialist Advisor.


Once you have completed the Strategy Session and the Financial Session, you will be clear on how to control the Internal Factors that will drive your business through the upcoming trading conditions.  Thanks for taking the time to book in and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Your Specialist Advisor

Colin has an extensive career in the Community Pharmacy sector having worked in senior roles with multinational companies over the last 20 years.  He stepped into specialist business consulting to bring a more holistic approach to business improvement within this sector.

Trusted Advisor Network (TAN) operates in Australia and NZ with a network of over 50 Business Advisors.  Over the past 18 years, TAN has developed market leading analytical tools and consulting resources to assist its clients across every industry.

Colin Potts


The Sessions

The following video outlines how members are assessed for both their operational systems and profit potential to determine if there is a “Fit” for a program.

A “Fit” is found when the client has:

  1. Capacity in their business for growth requiring better Marketing and Sales functions to fill the capacity
  2. Margin improvement potential from pricing gains as well as cost control systems
  3. Productivity opportunities from better management of staff with KPIs and systemisation of core business processes

These are assessed in Session One and then quantified in Session Two.  If there is a 10 times ROI on program fees to the forecast profit potential, then a “Fit” is established.

Only then is a business development program offered…


The Program

The “6-Week Challenge” Program implements key findings from the assessment. However it is not practical to resolve all opportunities within 6 weeks.  Therefore the program focuses on strategies that produce “bankable” returns to ensure the 10 times ROI objective is met.  The investment for the program is $4,995 hence a minimum of $50,000 per annum must be found in Session 2 before program commencement.

When the program starts, clients receive a “challenge” every week with a video, a workshop and “Take-out Tasks” to implement. They also attend a facilitated “live” on-line session to answer any questions and ensure they are implementing their program correctly.

If a client doesn’t achieve the on-target returns by the end of the 6-week program, they have the option to continue the program at no further charge until they do.  This is the extent of our “guarantee”.  If clients have additional requirements beyond the scope of the 6-week program, they can ask for further assistance at any time.