The Partnership Opportunity

Over the next period of time Accountants have a unique opportunity to assist as many Business Owners as possible… particularly those who are clients.  Right now everyone in business needs help of some sort.  What’s different in the current marketplace is many more business owners are open to support than ever before.  Any partnership to provide more support will always have opportunities and risks.  Each of these perspectives needs to be evaluated to see if the “sum is greater than the parts”.  Please check out the following information to see if this perspective is something we have in common.  If you’d like to know more about Trusted Advisor Network you can check out our website on the link below…

Video 1Protecting Your Client Base in Tough Times

3 Minute Presentation

How is business responding to the current economic climate and what is the opportunity right now to support them…

Video 2Working on the Nine Projects for Recovery

3 Minute Presentation

What are the key projects that businesses should be working on to position themselves for the next 18 months…

Video 3Determining if There's a Fit Between Us

4 Minute Presentation

Before you can decide to engage with us we need to know how we are similar and how we are different…

Video 4Who Actually Buys Business Improvement

4 Minute Presentation

Thinking about your clients who would be open to investing in business improvement is a key question to consider…

The top three opportunities we see from working together are:

  1. Revenue opportunities for Accounting Firms to add Business Advisory Services that reach the vast majority of clients rather than the fortunate few
  2. Addressing at-risk or underperforming clients with a plan to get them off the “red line” and on to making reliable profits
  3. Building stronger relationships between your firm and your clients so your dialogue moves beyond compliance

Having watched the four videos, if they resonate with you and you’d like to find out more, please contact the advisor who sent you to this page or find their contact details from our website below…

About Trusted Advisor Network

Will Fulton
Wayne Armstrong

Founded by Will Fulton and Wayne Armstrong, Trusted Advisor Network (TAN) is a professional network of over 50 Business Advisors across NZ and Australia.  TAN Members use world-class Consulting and Coaching Programs for 1:1 Clients and short-term group Clients in the SME Sector.  Resources include all the software, educational models, program formats, presentations, templates, workbooks and resources that our members need to be Trusted Advisors in their Local Communities.