Welcome to the TAN Update Page!

The purpose of this page is to post recent changes that serve to speed up the timing of getting fee-paying premium clients.

The video below was put together for our internal members to launch 3 updates that all support our primary Event for getting Business Owners together to consider what their “Ideal” business would look like.  We call this Event “The Four Futures of Business”

Once Business Owners have clarity on HOW to get their Ideal Business, our consultants can invite them to join a program.  Remember, all programs we offer to Business Owners are on the understanding that “the program pays for itself, otherwise there’s no point in starting together”…

This philosophy is part of our mission with all locally owned businesses that our programs are:

  1. Accountable: for results that are bankable… we offer a strong business case so every business can start with or without the funds to do so because our programs include our “Fee-Finding” strategies that ensure we have an accountable advisory services
  2. Affordable: for every size of business… we have a menu of services with short-term, long-term, low entry (as little as $295 for a 90 minute “Leader Profile”) and premium programs (from $1,495).  This allows us to challenge every business to simply “make a start”
  3. Accessable: for every level of business… consulting program material should never make our clients feel dumb in order to boost our own credibility.  If our material is complex, it slows implementation and fails the accessibility test.  Don’t mistake simplicity for getting extremely successful results though!  Our job is to make the Complex, Simple… and the Simple Compelling

So check out the video update to show you how we’ve added significant services that speed up your client acquisition process so we can get our program material into the hands of our local business community…

If you like what you’ve seen and what to get in contact to discuss how to get these updates working for you, then contact us below…

We’re on a mission here to help every business owner play a bigger game!

Looking forward to reconnecting if it makes sense to do so.


Will & Wayne

Yep, Lets Catch-Up