Everything you need to prep for catching up

In this video I’ll give you a four stage strategy for getting to your Ideal Coaching Business… once you see it, it should be clear about what you need for the next level of impact and income for you… yes it’s 40 minutes, but we’re serious about getting clear about the right strategy to build the right end-game.  Many coaches do a heap of work and gain a tonne of knowledge but skip the part about turning it into earning.  This is the gap we want to talk about in your business.  You’ll also know there are plenty of people on line who will teach you plenty of tactics like how to generate leads and build continuity programs.  We don’t do that at all… our interest is getting local coaches to roll out coaching products that have already been built and are ready for sale.  Check out what we’ve built and see how “speed to market” beats having to build everything for yourself.