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Trusted Advisor Network are recruiting, training and supporting Local Directors as Business Consultants to the SME sector across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

This is unique self-employment opportunity for ex Corporates, existing Consultants or Business Coaches to step into a key advisory role.

In the current environment, we are finding businesses more open to help than ever before, as they have moved into a time of high uncertainty regarding their business’s future.

Your role is to help business owners in your local area by using our marketing approach, sales methods and consulting systems including proprietary software. 

In turn you will be in control of your own income as you grow your portfolio of clients.

We are looking for the right people that fit our brand and philosophy for business improvement in the SME sector. With the right team of coaches and consultants, we believe we can have a profound influence on the SME business community.

We believe that business development in the SME sector should be accessible, engaging, powerful and sustainable to business owners everywhere.

Our experience over the past 18 years in this industry is that for too long the SME sector have been under-serviced with inconsistent, non-existent and often too expensive advice. Our belief is that business owners need advice that is accountable for its results whereby those giving the advice can systematically demonstrate Return on Investment to the owner.

We are looking for highly committed business people with a passion for helping others to join our network of over 40 Coach / Consultants across the UK, Australia and NZ.  Ultimately this is a full-time opportunity (although it is quite possible to transition) with all the initial and on-going training, resources, tools and systems provided.

If you’re excited about the opportunity of building your own business instead of someone else’s, or growing your existing consulting business, then let’s talk further.

Additional Resources...

Is Coaching Right For You?

Compare yourself to those that we’ve chatted to and worked with over the past 12 Years… their traits, what motivates them and why Coach / Consulting appeals as a career option.

  • The Traits of a Great Coach / Consultant
  • Your Current Career
  • The Next Chapter
  • Where From Here
  • Do You have the Traits?
  • Are You Over It?
  • Are You Ready?

The Coaches Toolbox

This Pack includes all the tools that we’ve built to help you generate leads, convert them to good fee paying Clients and then retain them long term, both in 1-1 and Group Coaching programs.
  • The Income Basics
  • The 2 Big Concerns
  • Getting Leads
  • Signing Clients
  • Retaining Clients
  • The Profit Analysis Tool
  • The Signature Coaching System
  • The Group Coaching programs

Hear What Others Are Saying...

Chris Beard

From Management To Coaching 12 Clients
“What I enjoy most is picking business owners lives up with some simple steps, some clarity, accountability & a little fun on the way. It changes people’s lives”.

Geoff Young

Leveraging my business owners background
“I get to work with a wide range of businesses from around 200k turnover to over 50 Mil, from businesses with no teams to large teams of 60-70”.

Cathy Young

creating a lifestyle through coaching
“We have true financial independence AND true freedom to do all the things that we want to do. So it gets a tick in every single box”

Lana Ratapu

Building Own Systems vs Plugging into Done-4-U
“I really love the focus on the system that looks at how do we find our fee faster and get financial results much faster than any other system out there”

Paul Hooley

Scaling up from DIY Coach by Joining TRUSTED ADVISOR NETWORK
“It wasn’t about having an ego, but instead leveraging TAN’s material that let me do what I love doing best, and that’s being one-on-one with clients”

Gerry Gallagher

20 Year Consultant Shares Insights from Training
“I’m absolutely blown away by the simplicity of everything, but by the mass scale of everything. There is so many tools in this toolbox”

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