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Trusted Advisor Network

Founded by Will Fulton, Trusted Advisor Network is a membership network of Business Advisors across NZ and Australia.  TAN Members use Market-Ready, Plug-and-Play Continuity Programs for 1:1 Clients and Group Clients in the SME Sector.  Resources include all the software, program formats, presentations, workbooks and resources that you’ll ever need to be The Trusted Advisor in your Local Community…

The Trusted Advisor Network philosophy is this…

Be the Local Business Advisor

All the clients you’ll ever want are right under your nose… you drive past them everyday in plain sight.  Therefore marketing strategy should focus 100% on connecting with local business owners.  The Trusted Advisor is a Local.

Serve Freemium up to Premium

Be able to help any Local business owner… not just the Fortunate Few who can afford Premium Long Term Programs.  Group Programs that are affordable and accessible are a minimum.  The Trusted Advisor has Programs for The Masses.

Go Front Stage not Back Stage

Doing Back Stage tasks will not get you more Clients… Your job is Front Stage working with clients and prospects where you can make an Impact and an Income from helping local businesses.  The Trusted Advisor is Front Stage.

How can we help your coaching business…

Need more Clients right Now… find out how we can get that happening for you to give you exactly what you need to boost your client income…

Get Clients Now

How does a Group Program work… Check out how to operate a group where clients can start anytime and stay long-term in a program that’s upgradeable…

Find out How

Find out what Membership with the Trusted Advisor Network is all about… see who it’s for that will make a good fit and who it’s really not for…

Learn More

Check out how Client Software can help your 1:1 Client Delivery… everything from building a plan with one click, to running your sessions with worksheets, to managing clients’ task completion…

See Demo

Get connected with other coaches by joining our Free Facebook Group who are committed to boosting their income and impact with more leads, more clients and better results for clients…

Take me There

The Local Consulting Firm… for coaches who have a strong vision for recruiting Associates to join their Firm to serve the local Business Community and to build an Asset…

How it Works

Find Out Your Advisor Profile!

The world’s first profiling tool designed specifically for aspiring Business Advisors, Coaches and Consultants…


Chris Beard

“What I enjoy most is picking business owners lives up with some simple steps, some clarity, accountability & a little fun on the way. It changes people’s lives”

Geoff Young

“I get to work with a wide range of businesses from around $200k turnover to over $50 Mil, from businesses with no teams to large teams of 60-70”

Cathy Young

“We have true financial independence AND true freedom to do all the things that we want to do. So it gets a tick in every single box”

Gerard Gallagher

“I’m absolutely blown away by the simplicity of everything, but by the mass scale of everything. There is so many tools in this toolbox”

Lana Ratapu

“I really love the focus on the system that looks at how do we find our fee faster and get financial results much faster than any other system out there”

Paul Hooley

“It wasn’t about having an ego, but instead leveraging TAN’s material that let me do what I love doing best, and that’s being one-on-one with clients”

Ready for the next Step?

If the above is resonating with you then the next step is to catch up on the phone for a Discovery Call… Here’s What We’ll Cover in our Call Together

  • Your current career situation & what’s next
  • Matching your profile to the coach/consulting space
  • An update on the current advisory marketplace
  • Converting new clients using the TAN approach
  • How TAN membership & our pricing model works

Fifteen minutes will give us both a chance to see if there’s more to discuss…

If there’s a good fit, we’ll give you access to a 4-Part Video Series that takes a deeper dive into our methodology, approach and IP (not available on our website).

Trusted Advisor Network Blog

Business Coach Course

Developing Your Skills to the Next Level With a Business Coach Course

Could you benefit from taking a business coach course? When you want to break away from the corporate world and spending all your time making money for someone else, “being your own boss” is a worthy thing to pursue. Why not take the knowledge and understanding you’ve already accumulated during your time in business to help others launch their careers or manage their way to success? Not only is it an exciting opportunity to touch lives, but success brings with it the chance to forge ongoing business relationships and a steady income derived from your skills and insight. The only problem is – where do you begin?

The right answer: a business coach program that offers the professional training necessary to equip you with an understanding of how to share your knowledge and communicate effectively with others. At the Trusted Advisor Network, we’re here to provide motivated individuals like you with a more cost-effective way to engage in business coach training today. Whether you’re brand new to this industry or you’ve gotten a start, and you’re looking for tools to grow your business, we’re here to help.

Problems You Can Address With Business Coach Training Programs

Having gone through the difficulties of beginning our own coaching businesses and experiencing many bumps on the road to success, we set out to design business coach courses that would address many of those issues we faced. What are some of the problems you may be able to fix with a TAN membership?

Uncertainty about how to get started or where to find your first client. When you’re departing the corporate world and ready to use those skills right away, we can provide you with a quick look at what it takes while helping you find that first qualified lead.

Stagnation after gathering your first three to five clients, leading to a long plateau for your coaching business. Is there something you’re missing that our insight could help you find?

A lack of direction and a weak understanding of how to best monetise the skills you already have. Our training program aims to put you on the right path by considering where you’re at, what work you’ve already done, and what realistic opportunities you have for growth.

What Sets the TAN Apart Regarding Business Coach Programs?

What makes our services different than other coaching programs out there? Instead of providing a broad, “one size fits all” approach aimed at a high-level corporate consultancy, we’ve recognised that many of the best opportunities are much closer to home. Here’s how we’ve made our service stand out with that in mind:

We prioritise cost-effectiveness because we don’t believe that price should be a barrier to learning how best to work for yourself.

We commit to a 90-day effort to help those starting out find their first local client. This initial time includes a crash course in how to structure your efforts and what your clients will look for from you. Once you’ve established a good working relationship that generates revenue, we guide you through additional learning over time.

Our courses are incredibly comprehensive and will ultimately cover everything you need to know to succeed today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

What You Can Expect From Our Business Coach Courses Online

OK, maybe you’re ready to take the next steps as all this sounds like a good fit for what you want to do. What should you anticipate when you subscribe to a TAN membership? Here’s a quick look at just some of what you’ll find:

Trusted advice that always comes from a place of experience and a desire to help you better perform your function within the local business community.

Opportunities to optimise your business. No matter what growth stage you’re at, we provide additional insight to guide growth in the right direction.

A clear return on your investment. We want to be more than just a cost-effective service provider — we want to generate real results for local business owners everywhere by equipping you with the tools to make it happen.

How to Get More Value from Your Business Coaching Qualifications

Making any investment in your future is a choice not to be taken lightly. We understand, and that’s why we’ve worked hard to create an accessible program that generates results. However, there is always more work to do. How else can you extract more value from your TAN membership?

Do a deep dive on the materials we provide. You can’t improve if you don’t put in the work. Try our free toolkit as a way of getting started.

Never be afraid to ask questions. If you aren’t sure of the meaning of something we’ve suggested, ask! We’re happy to answer.

Strive to put everything you learn into practice. Not only will you be thankful for the extra skills, but your own clients will notice the difference — and that’s the key to generating a good reputation and subsequently higher income.

What You Stand to Gain by Choosing the Trusted Advisor Network

With a better understanding of how to apply the skills you already have, plus the knowledge necessary to refine your approach, providing local business owners with the insight they need to succeed can become your job. Working with the Trusted Advisor Network, you can stay on top of the best practices, incorporate new skills regularly, and do it all in the most cost-effective way possible. Find out more about starting or growing your own coaching service today. Book your business coach training online now.