Membership to the Trusted Advisor Network

First things 1st… We’re not here to convince you to join the Trusted Advisor Network. Instead we’ll simply let you know who’s a good fit, and who’s probably not.

Here’s the ideal fit

  • Existing coaches who have made a start... they've launched their business
    but are stalled on 3-6 clients
  • Have predominantly one type of program being sold… for 1:1 Clients (there may be different price points, but it’s for 1:1 Client programs)
  • Have been getting fees based on what the client can afford… rather than on the value their program can deliver
  • Have spent a lot of time building program material and marketing material… and it’s still not finished
  • Have clear ambition… and want to play a bigger game.
  • Have begun over-servicing clients… in the fear that they might lose them

Here’s who else this will fit:

  • Have been in business for themselves… and know the benefits of having a trusted advisor
  • Those with a Corporate background... and come from an advisory or management role, or…
  • Have skills that are valuable… and are keen to know how to monetise them

Who this really will NOT fit:

  • People who don’t appreciate expertise… and feel compelled to modify, fix and change systems before they are adopted
  • People wanting to build an on-line coaching business… rather that coach local business owners
  • People who can only give advice… but who have little regard for what it is to be coached making them “un-coachable”

While we’re being candid here:

This is a business opportunity…

Everything you need is right here, already built, waiting to be monetised.  But, you’ll be required to implement what you learn… fast. We’ll be rolling up our sleeves to help you get there.  But it will take BOTH of us to achieve the goal of adding a minimum of $100K annually… to your bottom line.

Heres how it works:

First, CLICK on the link below.  You’ll be taken to a form where we’ll ask you about your current business set-up… (it’s doesn’t get to weird I promise).  We what a quick look at what you’ve already set-up so we can see how to leverage what you have, plug in our know-how, and turn it into income for you…

When we get your responses, one of two things will happen…  One: we may think that we can help, but it might be that you have limited set-up and resources that would make it difficult to add value.  If that’s the case, we’ll let you know (nicely). Or Two: it may be that you’re sitting on a goldmine (e.g. lots of contacts, but low client numbers)… if this is the case, it may be that we are a good fit and will schedule a call to talk through the opportunity further.  

Before anyone joins our network, we always do a comprehensive Optimisation Plan on your Coaching Business so we are both clear on what we are both aiming for… Once we’re both agreed on a fit, we will not pressure you or hassle you.  If you want in, great. If not, that’s fine too. This is about finding a fit and it should be kinda obvious.

Bottom line here.

We’re only looking for high calibre people to join the Trusted Advisor Network.

If you like what you’ve read (and seen) so far, here’s the 1st step…

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