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The Consultant Opportunity

A detailed video of how we’ve developed a revolutionary marketing position to have you seen by your marketplace as an authority rather than just another coach



The Coaching Profiler

Compare yourself to those that we’ve chatted to and worked with over the past 12 Years… their traits, what motivates them and why Business Advisory appeals as a career option.



The Coaches Toolbox

This Book includes all the tools that we’ve built to help you generate leads, convert them to good fee paying Clients and then retain them long term, both in 1:1 and Group Coaching programs.


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  • Your current career situation & what’s next
  • Matching your profile to the coach/consulting space
  • An update on the current advisory marketplace
  • Converting new clients using the TAN approach
  • How TAN membership & our pricing model works

If there’s a good fit, we’ll give you access to a 4-Part Video Series that takes a deeper dive into our methodology, approach and IP (not available on our website).

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