Live Masterclass | 3 - 5 November 2023

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If you’re a Business Owner who’s seen a shift in today’s marketplace from staff that are hard to find, let alone keep…from marketing that’s hard to maintain and gets patchy results… and with profits that are constantly being squeezed by spiralling costs… then you’re not alone!

Join us for a MasterClass over 2 x 60 minute evening sessions held over two days.

You will learn the step-by-step pathway towards mastering your marketplace by utilising key financial information from your business that puts you back in control. You’ll also learn best practice insights into Sales & Marketing, Systems & Team Development… all with the purpose of creating your Ideal Business.

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This LIVE session is packed with all the key information you need to transform your business. Held over 2 evenings on November 3rd - 4th at 4pm-5:00pm.


We know from experience that every business owner faces very similar circumstances... How many of these sound familiar:

  • Lots of little things burning up your time that only you can solve...
  • Knowing the need to work ON not IN the business but can't make a start...
  • Customers that only want to deal with you personally..
  • Hard to find, train and retain staff that care like you do...
  • Covering for people who work for you because they can make costly mistakes
  • Hard to convert people into higher prices that they’re happy to pay
  • Not having clarity on where the business is going & what makes us unique
  • Financial reports that confuse & don't help with making key decisions
  • Low confidence in my ability to grow my business into something that will give me the income and lifestyle I want (and I think it might actually be a myth)...

If some of these are the reality for you in your Business, then you’re not alone. The way forward is well established by people who have been in the exact same place and have reverse-engineered how they got out of it and found a completely new business experience on the other side of it...

Now it’s your turn.

This is a 2 day (60 minutes each day) MasterClass that takes you through the steps that every successful Business takes to Master the Financial side of their Business, along with getting insight into best practice Sales & Marketing, System & Team Development

Over the MasterClass you’ll discover the following:

Day 1:

Financial Mastery - 60 minute session:

  • Understand your Reports with ease without the jargon!
  • Gross Profit Margin how to ensure it's measured properly
  • The Hero Report that answers "where’s the money”
  • Powerful models to increase your Practice profit margin
  • Finding which parts of your business are most profitable
  • Using Key Performance Indicators to run your business
  • Understanding "Cash-gap" – the speed how cash moves through your business

Day 2:

Sales & Marketing - 60 minute session:

  • Choosing the right Marketing tactics
  • Developing a 1-page marketing plan
  • Professional vs unstructured Sales Systems
  • Beliefs that help/hinder the Sales function
  • The Sales Flowchart to find gaps & opportunities
  • Simple sales strategies that dramatically increase your profit margins

This is a lot to pack in!

If what you’ve read so far has connected with you, then reserve your seat now and join us...

A Bit About Michael Cotler

Having owned, operated and exited his business Michael has lived the process he now teaches...

All the methods he used to systemise and then scale his business were learned both from extensive training and being “on the tools”.  Finding high-end clients, developing recruitment and training systems as he built his team, were all learnt on the job.

This is why his training is super-practical and instantly able to be put into practice. He has taken his personal journey to becoming a financially successful Business Owner… his passion is assisting other Owners to do the same.

Here’s what Business Owners are saying about attending Michael's MasterClass…

Chris Beard

“What I enjoy most is picking business owners lives up with some simple steps, some clarity, accountability & a little fun on the way. It changes people’s lives”

Geoff Young

“I get to work with a wide range of businesses from around 200k turnover to over 50 Mil, from businesses with no teams to large teams of 60-70”.

Cathy Young

“We have true financial independence AND true freedom to do all the things that we want to do. So it gets a tick in every single box”