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The process from start to finish will take you 20 minutes or so excluding reading time of the actual profiles.


First step, book in for your Profile Impact Call…

Find a slot and make sure to bring your profile and archetype with you so we’re both on the same page.  Do this now 🙂


Next step, you’ll conduct an Innermetrix DISC Profile 

This will give you many insights into both your natural and adaptive behaviours.  Click on the button below and you’ll be sent to a page that you’ll login to conduct your questionnaire. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ll be sent your Innermetrix DISC Profile directly to your email address.  Please make sure you check your Junk folder as your system may not recognise the email address that the profile is sent from.



Now to the Advisor Profile!

Download the Advisor Profile on the button below.  Probably easiest if you print it out.  The Advisor Profile will debrief the DISC profile.  Follow the instructions on each page and you’ll establish which of the 8 Archetypes is a match for your style.

Please note in some browsers, The Advisor Profile may or may not download automatically.  Please check your Downloads file or check for a Downloads icon on your browser window to retrieve your file.



BONUS PACKHow to Monetise Your Profile...

If you’re interested in monetising your profile, we’ve put together a “Bonus Pack” of material to help you with that.  The next consideration for many people who receive a profile (of any kind!) is often, “now what?”… i.e. you’ve gained new insights, so how can you develop commercial opportunities that may not have been apparent to you prior to reading your profile.   Hence we’ve collated detailed information that can help to formulate a plan for what’s next.

If this is already on your radar, then check out a 4-Part Video Series we’ve put together on how to attract clients, convert them into high-value programs and deliver epic results with them… ask us about it on your Profile Impact Call and we’ll get it out to you ASAP.  If you haven’t already scheduled this call you can do so below…

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