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Consultant Opportunity Recap...

If you haven’t seen the 1-hour overview (or didn’t finish it 🙂) you can check it out here.  For more clarity around the sales pipeline process, skip to the bottom of the page…

This page will be super valuable in helping you understand our system, particular around lead generation and conversion, which is the key.

Just like other businesses, it doesn’t matter how good our products or services are if we can’t get in front of enough prospects and convert them to good fee paying clients! Our industry is no different… it all hinges on the sales and marketing.

The videos go deeper into the Quadrants that make up the Pathway to Premium Model. This then gives you the ability to grow a substantial business that avoids the “Flatline Model” that causes other consulting businesses to stall meaning they simply become a time-for-money job. The videos will unpack the strategies and tools to help you transform your local business community…

So, three key tasks for you to complete:


Complete the 4 part video series that dives deeper into the Pathway to Premium. You’ll also see where you can Download and Print off the Checklist, to keep track of all the items that we’ll be covering in the videos. Then click on the Feedback Button to capture your thoughts and let us know a bit about your impressions of the videos.

Download the Checklist


Watch the Market Positioning Video, where we take a step back so that you’re clear on the “strategy” of how we position you in the marketplace.


Then watch the Client Acquisition video. You’ll see how we generate leads, through to signing them as clients.

IMPORTANT: All these videos will help you better understand our model and the opportunity for you. They've been designed in order, so ideally it's best to watch them that way.

Next Step, Dive In!

Quadrant 1 | Attract Prospects

How do I get Appointments with Premium Buyers?

Quadrant 2 | Convert Buyers

How do I get Business Owners to buy from me?

Quadrant 3 | Coach Members

How do I deliver a long-term Group program?

Quadrant 4 | Deliver Premium

How do I get paid Premium Rates for my services?


Some of you may want to see more details on our proprietary software that you saw in Video 4.

Check it out here...

That’s the Pathway to Premium covered.  Capture your thoughts and give us some feedback on what you’ve seen from the 4 Videos before we catch up on our next call together…  (after you’ve finished watching!)

Feedback Survey

Bonus Video

Client Acquisition

Here we take you through our Red Carpet Pipeline, so you that can see how we connect with prospects, right through to signing them as clients…