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Don’t quit your Corporate Gig just yet!

The Advisor Profile for Business Coaches & Consultants…

Plenty of people that contact us are often trying to work out if this industry is the right fit for them. And some are still trying to solve that after they’ve already made a start!

So we’ve developed what we believe is the only Advisor Profile tool available for aspiring (or just started) Business Coaches & Consultants. The Behavioural Profiling System will you help you understand:

  • What are your strong-suits that would serve you best as a professional advisor?
  • How would you play to your strengths to convert them into consulting income?
  • What are your personal blind-spots that might hold you back?

The feedback on the Advisor Profile has been amazing!

So here’s your chance to complete your own personalised AdvIsor Profile… and make sure you’re on the right path!


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Compare yourself to those that we’ve chatted to and worked with over the past 12 Years… their traits, what motivates them and why Coach / Consulting appeals as a career option.