In this blog you’ll learn how to keep clients long term by using a strategy map.

If you’re having clients leaving you early, you can be leaving a lot of money on the table!  If they leave after six months of what should be a minimum 12 month programme, that’s like $15K which is huge!

So a map is a helpful way to show them what your programme looks like.

The way to build it is in quarters… then you have a theme for each quarter

Next step is to think of your programme material and make a list of your key subjects: such as Sales, Marketing, Margins, Team etc… you get the idea…

Then you can fill out how you’ll roll it out like a “Teach” component, the “Implementation” then the “Review”… or whatever your different phases might be…

It’s a great way to get your programme material together

This works great for 3 key reasons

Firstly, clients can see that its not a quick fix… no magic wand to fix their business!

Secondly, you’re gonna cover everything and you have heaps of bandwidth of programme material

Lastly, they see a structured programme, well organises and laid out on one a single sheet of paper…

So that’s the one page strategy map… super helpful for keeping clients long term.

If you’d like a blank copy of the template, check it out here!

Talk again soon…

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