Live Q&A Session | January 17 12pm NZDT 10am AEDT

The Interview Session

Join Tony, Chris & Sheena as they share insights on decision-making, post-decision experiences, income opportunities, flexibility, and the scalability of their Advisory journey so far...

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Session overview

If you're thinking, "This looks promising, but I need answers,"this interview is tailor-made for you.

Meet the team

Introducing Chris, Tony & Sheena...

Before transitioning, Chris held senior leadership roles, specializing in transforming mid-sized manufacturing businesses.

With a background in business and people management, he seamlessly transitioned into the role of a Business Advisor. 6+ years in, Chris now has a strong base of 1:1 clients as well as a high performance group program.

Tony has owned several hospitality companies at both retail & wholesale levels prior to becoming an Advisor.

Since transitioning he has quickly established a loyal client base. 2 years in, Tony has decided to specialise in Trade Services businesses where he will focus on setting up group programs, ready to scale.

Sheena was able to use her extensive commercial experience as a senior executive in the energy sector as a strong foundation for her transition in Business Coaching.

After making the lifestyle decision to transition, Sheena has built a strong client base while developing her coaching skills as she progressed.

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Key Points

In this 45 minute Interview they will be sharing...

The Decision Process

Changing your career is a big decision. The guys will be sharing their hesitations & concerns plus considerations they had during their decision making journey into Business Advisory.

Facts & Figures

The hard numbers. We all have a baseline figure in mind when transitioning. We'll be sharing time-frames, client numbers & ROI's so that you can get a realistic idea of the facts & figures involved.

Their Journey So Far

From 2 - 6 years in, they'll be sharing their biggest WINS, Client Stories & hurdles along the way. Hear how their Coaching Journey has changed not only their lives but those around them.

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