In the Pathway to Premium you’ll discover how to increase your income and your impact by using a “Pathway Strategy”.

You’ll already know that your agenda (for long-term, high paying clients) is different to your Prospect’s Agenda (for quick and preferably free advice from you!)…

See how a Group programme fits into the Pathway Strategy and how to utilise three super-helpful outcome of the Pathway:

  • Group Members upgrade to become Premium Clients… they want more help from you once they’ve seen how many parts of their business are missing or broken
  • Having a Pathway that includes a Group programme gives you Leverage… leverage that is not available in a 1:1 Client model where you get paid the same fee because you’re only working with a single client
  • Being able to Deliver your programme to a Group means simultaneously being able to invite Guests to experience your programme at the same time… Marketing and Delivery happening at the same event is another important leverage factor

These are just some of the benefits of having a Pathway Strategy…

If you want to talk about how to install the Pathway Strategy into your business, talk to us!